Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions Reviewed

Published: 24th November 2006
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Ok...so I bought Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions thinking that it would be just another e book with a load of nothing in it and I would end up asking for a refund. Happily, I won't be asking for a refund. I started reading Internet Millions and couldn't stop because it contains a lot more money making information than I expected, plus a lot that I hadn't seen. That was nice because there are a ton of 'guru' e books available that are pretty much useless.

What I liked

If you can't even spell 'HTML', don't worry. Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions walks you through the absolute basics and delivers a ton of useable info to get your Internet Marketing ventures up and rolling quickly. Internet Millions details many techniques that Ryan uses to set up professional sites so they can do their job - make money! Internet Millions cuts through the BS and gives you actual examples of how Ryan Orrell has earned millions on the internet. I constantly read a lot of e books written by others and it's tough to tell if you're getting a good sales pitch or actual info that you can use. In the case of Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions, you're getting the actual facts. No hype, no BS. It was refreshing to read and at a page count over 150, it's a great purchase. The chapter on 'Killer Ad Copy' has been a real benefit to my own Internet Marketing, helping me to achieve a far better conversion rate. The SEO chapter ROCKS. It contains techniques that have earned one of Ryan's search phrases a number one spot in the search engines for several consecutive years - even with 185 million other competing results!

What I Didn't Like

If you're an experienced Internet Marketer, there is a lot of time spent getting an absolute newbie up to speed in the first couple of chapters. The rest of Internet Millions makes it worth the wait though. The SEO chapter has some fairly advanced concepts in it but are pretty easy to grasp.


Ryan Orrell is a master Internet Marketer and knows what he's talking about. I would have paid more than the asking price for Internet Millions because it's a definite value and worth it. Internet Millions is not a 'get rich overnite' e book. If you're not willing to put some effort into your internet marketing, don't buy this e book. If you are willing, Internet Millions will give you a one-two marketing punch that will knock your competitors off the internet.

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